News & Events

News & Events

  • Knysna Arts Society Annual General Meeting 2021

    The AGM was held via Zoom on 27 March 2021.

    The minutes can be found within our Newsletter 2/2021

  • United Emergence

    United Emergence KAS Members Group Exhibition

    We hosted a KAS Members Group Exhibition entitled “UNITED EMERGENCE” from 23-27 April 2021 at the Old Gaol.  These dates coincided with the Pink Loerie Reunion.

    A total of 22 local Artists participated in the exhibition.  The Old Gaol was alive with art, an incredible display showing the diverse talents of visual artists in Knysna.

    We will include a video album of the event soon

  • Knysna Art Project

    Knysna Art Project

    Visit Knysna and the Knysna Art Society invite artists, crafters, designers and creatives living in the Greater Knysna area to participate in the development of an interactive art route.

  • Scava Old Masters Exhibition

    The Southern Cape Association of Visual Artists (SCAVA) have agreed to schedule the Knysna based Old Masters Exhibition in July to coincide with the Knysna Oyster Festival.  The works will be on display at the Old Gaol.

    South Cape artists went all out copying Old Master paintings.

    KAS Members are encouraged to submit entries for consideration by the Organising Committee as soon as you can, or before the end of May 2021.

    There is an entry fee of R50.00 per work

    Include the following information with your digital submission.

    • Your name and contact details.
    • The Title of the work, the dimensions and the medium used.
    • Old Masters. Name of Artist and Title of Work that was your inspiration.
    • Date of the Work.
    • Include photographs of good quality (squared images with no peripheral background. Just the painting.

    Submissions will be accepted until the end of May 2021.
    Please Email your submissions to

  • Knysna Oyster Festival 2021

    Visit Knysna is excited to announce that the Knysna Oyster Festival will take place from 9 to 18 July 2021.

    Local artists, performers and anyone who is keen to be involved in promoting their creative skills – these can include arts and crafts lessons, yoga classes and even knowledge-based webinars – are invited to register their event here.

  • 2021 Newsletters

    Newsletter 1 of 2021
    March 2021
    Welcome to KAS 2021
    Notice of AGM on 27 March 2021
    Invitations to participate in
    The Pink Loerie Reunion
    SCAVA Old Masters Exhibition
    The Knysna Oyster Festival
    The Knysna Interactive Art Project

    Newsletter 2 of 2021
    7 April 2021
    Minutes of the AGM held on 27 March 2021
    A look at the Old Gaol “revamp”
    Announcement of the United Emergence Exhibition, invitation to all members to participate
    Oyster Festival reminder to register activities
    SCAVA Old Masters Invitation for KAS members to participate

    Newsletter 3 of 2021
    10 May 2021
    Overview of the United Emergence Exhibition
    Notice of the General Meeting on 10 June 2021
    Invitation to Members Outing, Bronze Fields in Plett 21 May 2021
    Oyster Festival Activity Planning
    SCAVA Old Masters
    Knysna Art Project Introduction

Knysna Art Route