Nathalie Wessels

Nathalie Wessels

Nathalie Wessels

Welcome! I like to introduce myself. My name is Nathalie Wessels.

I wanted to go to art academy as a child. At the time, however, that was a ‘no go’. In those days it was very hard to make a living from just being an artist my parents told me.

So I became a sales woman. But after living and working in the Netherlands for 20 years I left my hectic life there. I started a B&B in South Africa with a friend.

‘This country is so beautiful that I soon fell under the spell of the beautiful proud people and their unpolished lived faces and appearances. They teach me what life should really be about

I am inspired by the African people and especially their expressions of which you know there is a whole story behind it. Together with the beautiful traditional and colourful clothing, that became my theme. The purity and complexity of the different cultures continues to fascinate me and persuade me to translate this on the canvas.

I paint with acrylic paint, without any particular style. I experience each painting as a journey in itself in which you keep discovering new things about painting but also about yourself.

I hope you enjoy what you are about to see….