Promoting the Arts & Artists in Knysna

Promoting the Arts & Artists in Knysna

The Knysna Arts Society was established in the early 1980´s and has, since then, provided a platform for artists in Knysna and across the Garden Route to network, hold exhibitions, art workshops and gather to inspire and support each other.  More recently the Art Route has been created, making it easier for visitors to plan their Art Meander, this includes galleries, working artist studios, art venues, restaurants and so much more.

Responding to the recent changes in our lives, our town, our country and our world, The Knysna Arts Society has rolled out an updated website that has at its core an online portfolio of its members work.

In linking with the surrounding art associations as well as tourism agencies, such as Visit Knysna, local businesses and associations such as Explore Knysna, there is increased exposure for artists and more art venues and activities for tourists and visitors to the Garden Route.  Knysna Arts Society proudly participates in local events, such as the Knysna Oyster Festival, The Pink Loerie Festival and has successfully hosted the Knysna Art Festival.

Bookings are being taken for exhibitions at the Old Goal, which as part of the Knysna Museum complex. Any exhibitions or workshops held at this venue will follow COVID-19 regulations.

Become a Member

Membership cards can be collected at Jandreart Studio, TH2 on Thesen Harbour Town and from Helena at Art on Queen, corner of Queen and Green Street, Knysna.

Follow Knysna Arts on Facebook and Instagram. Join our Garden Route Artists Unite Facebook Page to network and see what other Knysna and Garden Route artists have been busy with.



Inspire the local art community

To create a sharing platform and to empower underprivileged artists in our community.

Creativity, Authenticity, Support

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